Follow Up Report: Macs Under Fire in South Kitsap (WA) School District

January 1999 – Response to the article Macs Under Fire in South Kitsap (WA) School District is really great! Unfortunately, the district has just recently approved their course of action in the matter. I’m just hoping that the school board gets enough email to possibly reconsider changing the policy. It’s never too late with this district to change policy it seems.

It could happen! A lot of powerful people in this county have already seen this article and have emailed or called the district about it. Another thing we have going for us is the fact that our district has always had a difficult time getting levies passed. The last one took four tries!

This kind of attention is definitely not what they need or want right now. If we get enough support for Macs going in their direction, there’s a good chance they could change their minds.

I’m really eating up the emails I’ve been receiving. It’s good to know there are others out there in support of our cause. I just want to thank you again for all you’ve done for us. If you can think of any other ways we could use to persuade the district to rethink their policies, let me know.

For all the good Mac evangelists out there – keep up the good work!

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