iMac iMpact

1999 – They say imitation is the biggest form of flattery. Well, Apple, I hope you’re flattered. Lately I’ve seen many iMac iMitations. From a real computer that had the same colors as the iMac to the iToaster, iToilet, and chiaMac.

Mac Happens

The bottom line is, the iMac has made more of an impact on the world than any other computer ever. I’m not just talking about the computer world; I am talking about the whole world.

We all love the iMac.

This statement is quite easy to prove. In school, I brought in a news article about the iMac for current events. The classroom was quickly abuzz about the iMac. But, to my amazement, it wasn’t negative talk.

Many people were saying, “Hey, that’s that see through blue thing!” and “It looks cool.” But some of the class were nonbelievers. So I felt it was my job to convert them to the light side (seeing as Windows¬†PCs are the dark side). I told them that the Mac OS was a much more friendly system – and much faster. They didn’t care.

So I thought like them. I then said, “The games look better.” They were all hooked, and now there are even more Mac Maniacs in the world. Now everyone wants one – and I’m sure an equal amount want an iToaster to go along with it.