iMac Troubleshooting

1999 – Like any other computer, the iMac, has it’s occasional problem. I’m not talking about a problem like, “Oh no, I got lime, but I wanted grape” or “Where’s the serial port?” I’m talking about bigger problems, like the devastating flashing question mark.

Mac Happens

But that’s where the similarities end. The iMac, unlike any other Mac, needs to be fixed differently. Today I’ll show you how to fix these problems.

My CD-ROM drive sounds just like my ’82 Ford Escort – it’s really noisy!

iMac Hello AgainYou probably have this problem if you have a Bondi blue iMac. This is an easy one to fix. Go to <> and get the iMac firmware update. Install it, and you’re on your way. But just so you know, after you install the update, the light on the CD-ROM drive will stop flashing.

I get kicked offline a lot. What can iDo?

This problem can be fixed the same way. Go to <> and get the iMac firmware update. This is the same update you need for the CD-ROM problem. This will also make the modem run more smoothly. (If you use AOL or live in an area with older phone lines, like the country, your results won’t be as dramatic.)

I need to install something on a multi-floppy installer, but my SuperDisk won’t let me!

This is a real easy one. If you are using a multi-floppy installer, when the iMac (or Blue and White G3, for that matter) asks you for the disk, pop it in. Then reach around, unplug the USB cord, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in. The iMac will recognize the new disk.

I installed the Speech Recognition software, but it won’t recognize any speech!

This is because you need another file to make this software work. You need the iMac PlainTalk enabler. You can get it at Download it and pop it into your Extensions folder. Oh, by the way, you can get the Speech Recognition (SR) software at Also remember to set your input to mic – and then set it back to CD when you’re done with SR. If you don’t, you won’t be able to play CDs.

I seem to be losing memory. Does my iMac need Ginkgo biloba or something?

Nope, your iMac doesn’t need ginkgo biloba, but it does need an update. You’re probably using Mac OS 8.5. You need Mac OS 8.5.1, which is a free update. You can get it at the same site you can get the firmware update. Install the update and you won’t be losing memory.[Since this article was first published, Apple has released the Mac OS 8.6 Update, which is also a free download.]

Now you’ve seen how to fix your iMac’s annoying problems, so hopefully it’ll work like you want it to.

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