1999.07.07 – They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I’m sure Apple isn’t flattered.

Mac Happens

Future Computing E-Power PC

It’s very nice when companies such as Iomega and Imation make their popular drives and such in colors that match the iMac – but Future Power USA has gone way too far.

Future Power has created a new computer that they thought would be a best seller. Why did they think this? Because this computer already was – the first time it was made. Future Power copied Apple’s cute, huggable little computer, the iMac.

blueberry iMacThis computer made by Future Power bears an uncanny resemblance to the iMac we know and love. When you look at the two side-by-side, you see that they both have shapes and sizes that are remarkably close to each other. To make them look even more similar, these computers even come in the same fruity flavors. Although Rip-off Power calls the colors by different names, they are still very close to the colors of the iMac.

To make matters even worse, Rip-off Power actually thought that they weren’t going to get into any trouble from Apple. Well, Rip-off Power, you thought wrong. Everyone’s favorite company is now suing you for your very “original” design.

Rip-off Power’s iMacopying isn’t the only case of this. Many other companies have done this. I guess these companies are doing this obvious copying because either these companies are too lazy to think different, or the iMac is just such a great idea that everyone has to copy it.

But either way, the iMacopying is wrong, immoral, and has to stop. So, personally, I propose a boycott on any iMac rip-off. And, man, there’s a ton of them. In the end, it’s okay to make a computer that is very esthetically pleasing. But if this computer’s already been invented, please, please, think different and make your own design.

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