Letter from Chancellor’s Office re: Cal State Going Windows

July 1999 – More comments on the situation at CSU, as noted in CSU Going Windows.

Following is a letter sent out from the Chancellor’s Office and forwarded by several readers:

Your e-mail message regarding the planned transition to a Windows operating platform was forwarded to me. It would appear that you have received some erroneous information. The plan of which you speak applies only to the employees at the Chancellor’s Office headquarters and has no impact on any CSU campus or its faculty, staff and/or students. The plan is for the Chancellor’s Office headquarters employees to transition, over a three year period, onto a Windows operating platform. We believe this will improve the dependability of our communications with campuses and external constituencies, ensure a smoother implementation of a new administrative system and take advantage of desktop software not available for the Macintosh. We understand that the erroneous information may have been spread via a web page article based on unofficial information. It is unfortunate that the author of the web page did not verify the information prior to publishing. We hope this clears up the confusion.

On June 14, I asked the author of this letter to assure me that only the CSU Chancellor’s Office is going Windows, but I have not yet heard back. Already back in February it was hinted that this might just be the first step in moving the entire CSU infrastructure to Windows.

A reader in Ohio notes that, “The Ohio state colleges have signed a contract with Microsoft similar to the CSU one. [One official] has stated he would like [his] campus to go to all Windows machines, because of the same reason – cost savings of supporting PC machines.”

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