Letters to Menagerie of Macs

Thanks for the feedback to our first two issues!

Menagerie of Macs


That iMac laptop sounds very, very, very good. Ever since we got rid of the Commodore 64 and got the Mac Plus, we’ve had at least one Mac in the house. I bought a Umax last year (which I still love and adore and plan to upgrade to a G3 soon), but all these transparent Macs are making me drool. I can’t justify an iMac, but a laptop is a different story. Anyway, here’s a little tidbit. I work on The Outer Limits and share an office in post production with Stargate SG-1 and Poltergeist: The Legacy. With the exception of Stargate, Macs are used (old ones – but maybe iMacs soon), and VFX uses them too (pretty G3s). And the big boss of Post is a Mac fanatic – I got him subscribing to MacAddict, and he bought himself a shiny new iMac when they came out. Anyway, keep up the good work!!

Emma Peel

Okay Brad, I’ll give you a issue or two.

I’m sure you’re up against a few pros including myself, but a younger perspective is always refreshing and a welcome respite to the daily techie stuff.

Don’t feel bad if someone corrects you on any particular detail. It’s all in the learning experience.

Chuck Wilcher


This grandma is looking forward to receiving Mac comments from someone young enough to be her grandson. :-)

S L Hansen

Hi Brad:

Received your message only once.

You are 15, I’m 61, wishing I was 15.

Looking forward to your first effort.

Go for it.

Bruce Hord

Best of luck in your new ezine endeavor. I wish you a satisfying and successful venture. If I can come up with something that I think might interest your readers, I’ll pass it along.

Dave Levine

Great! Nothing but positives! Do you feel the love here?


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