Letters to Menagerie of Macs

Just a couple letters from our readers this month.

Menagerie of Macs

Hi Brad,

I guess I’m a fairly new subscriber; I just subscribed last month. I would urge you to continue the e-mag if you can. Even though MW or others may be writing about the same stuff (after all, the subject matter is sort of focused), your opinions and take on the subject is probably why most of your subscribers/readers are.

Please keep on trying

Dick Goodhart


Thanks for putting together a very informative and diverse Menagerie! I really enjoy reading it, even though I get overwhelmed with other info. What I like is that you don’t put in any kind of fancy formatting (such as AppleLinks), but keep it simple. I wish you didn’t have to go through so many doubts about whether Menagerie will make it (either with you or somebody else). But then, that’s life. Keep on writing the background info and posting like articles from others. Really appreciated!


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