Mac Alive and Kicking

1999 – Lately, many people have been saying to me, “Ha! You have a Mac! Macs are dead!” Well, I don’t think they are. The Mac might’ve been a bit unconscious for a while, but it most definitely isn’t now.

Mac Happens

Steve Jobs introduces the iMac in 1998In the past year alone, the Mac has been making a quite large comeback in the computer world. Apple has made many great achievements in the past year, like the iMac, Mac OS 8.5, Mac OS X Server, and, of course, the new Blue and White Power Mac G3. The only advancement from that other computer is a new processor – and the G3 is still faster!

But that’s not all. In the next year, Apple will be making even larger advancements to becoming the computer of choice for everyone. In the next year, Apple will probably be releasing the G4, a newer, faster, more bunny toasting processor for the Mac.

Also, Apple will be putting a new operating system on the shelves. This PC-crushing OS is called Mac OS X (ten). It will feature many more features and show you what a Mac can really do.

Closer on the horizon will be Mac OS 8.6. Basically, this will be a fix to many of the problems that OS 8.5 has, and it will add a few conveniences. Since Apple’s so generous, it will be a free update, and it might even be out by the time you read this. (It’s expected any day now, so keep your eyes on Apple’s site.)

In case you haven’t noticed, that other operating system hasn’t even come up with all this great stuff in five years! So, in the end, the Mac is back, and it’s better than ever!

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