Mac OS 8.6 Makes iMac More Stable

1999 – You yell as your iMac running Mac OS 8.5 crashes again. You’re getting tired of your iMac crashing many times a day. You also think the only way to stop it is to throw it out the window – but there is another solution.


Mac Happens

Recently, Apple released Mac OS 8.6, the newest in the line of operating systems.

This little nifty program is an update to your current system using 8.5 or 8.5.1. With it, your iMac won’t crash as much as it did before. In fact, it probably won’t crash at all.

Mac OS 8.6 does more than just stop some crashes. It also makes your PowerBook’s battery last longer, and it improves some existing programs, such as Sherlock. Plus, some things will run a bit faster.

What does this little miracle program cost? you ask. Whelp, the answer is one you’ll love to hear. It costs as much as a PC is worth –  nothing! Yep, it’s free.

But it does have a few downsides. One is the size of the file. It is 35 megabytes. But there is a solution – you can download it in small segments, so you can do it a part at a time. This way you won’t be tying up the computer and/or phone line for 2-3 hours.

Although it is a large download, this is definitely worth it, so have fun downloading – and stopping crashing. (Or avoid the download and order the CD-ROM from Apple for US$19.95. dk)

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