Microsoft Exchange Mail Server ‘a Nightmare’

February 1999 – This letter was written by a system administrator in the U.S. Army, who wishes to remain anonymous, after hearing how Cal State was planning on adopting Microsoft Exchange Mail Server.

As a system admin for the Army, I can tell you what a nightmare those people at Cal State are about to experience. We have our server running Windows NT and email handled through Exchange. Woe to the sys admin and tech support personnel who have to put up with this “wonderful” combination!

If they want really robust and stable mail then they should go with Linux mail server on a Power Mac. Exchange is like any other Microsoft product: bloated and a resource hog. It constantly is crashing the mail server because it cannot handle the flow of mail being pushed through it.

Wait until Cal State finds out just how many computers they will need as mail servers once they start with Exchange. I’m fairly disappointed in Cal State’s decision – I always thought of universities as places of free thought and opinion, and now the instructors and personnel working there will be force fed an OS that is not of their choosing. On the upside, I’m sure there will be a greater market for MCSE techs looking for work, ’cause Cal State is gonna need them.

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