Performa 6360 Upgrade Options

1999 – No, the Performa 6360 (also sold as the Power Mac 6300/160) isn’t part of the dreaded x200 family. It uses the same improved system board architecture that later made their way into the 6400 and 6500.

Is the 6360 Closer to a 6320 or a 6400?

MM writes: I’m confused about the possibilities for my Performa 6360 (32 MB RAM, Mac OS 8.1, internal modem removed). Is this a 6320 with a better chip or a limited 6400 (all diagnostic programs report this as a 6400)? Can I add a Level 2 cache, or should I try for something in the PCI slot that also adds a cache?

I’ve done a lot of reading, but most info is related to the 6400s; I don’t know where to start.

Performa 6300Mac Daniel writes: The 6360 incorporated a new motherboard architecture, which separates it from the earlier x200 models (6200, 6300, 6320). The 6400 and 6500 are directly related to the 6360 design.

You can add either an L2 cache or a G3 upgrade in the cache slot.

Will the Vimage G3 Work in a 6360?

SS writes: I read What about a Vimage G3 for My 6400 or 6500? Perhaps you can answer an intriguing question I have. My impression is that my Performa 6360 is really a pre-6400. Its architecture appears similar, and all the Apple Software Updates, such as the L2 cache problems and fixes were applicable to both.

So, though Vimage does not advertise the G3 for the 6360, would it be compatible for my L2 cache slot?

I have some other 6360 questions I need to ask. Can you point me to an email source for help resolving 6360 freezes that occur with mouse actions during processor cycling or during opening of apps, files, or Web pages? I have gotten so I try to keep my hands off the mouse during processor cycling, though this is hard. Many of these freezes occur while online with Eudora or MS IE.

I use the 6360, Mac OS 8.1, Norton Disk Doctor 4.01, Eudora 3.13 and MS IE 4.01 with FreePPP 2.62, MS Office 98 with its upgrades, Quicken 98, FileMaker Pro 3, etc. I have 88 MB RAM with RAM Doubler (v8.0) to 176 MB. I have upgraded the hard drive to a 3.2 IBM IDE, and it is partitioned into two HFS+ volumes using Apple Drive Setup 1.6.1. I use the installed Apple Express Modem (v3.1).

I have 11 years Mac experience, but I cannot seem to find the conflicts that cause major frustration on this one machine. I use two other (G3) machines with much the same software in a much more complex business environment without nearly as much problem. I do not yet have Mac OS 8.5.

Mac Daniel writes: Vimage has certified the card for the 6360, which has a similar architecture to the 6400 and 6500. (For more information on why the 6360 is different from the x200 series, see Performa and Power Mac x200 Issues in our Online Tech Journal.)

For troubleshooting, the best tool is Conflict Catcher. It may help pinpoint the problem to a specific extension or control panel.

Update: Low End Mac’s Comm Slot FAQ, Tommy Yune, 2018.03.20

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