The Perfect iMac

1999 – “Woah, it’s so perfect – I can’t wait to turn it on again!” I say. “This new iMac is so great!’

Mac Happens

Then I wake up to realize that it was just a dream of the perfect iMac. Maybe Apple will see this article and take my suggestions.

My dream iMac would have many improvements on the existing one. So let’s get to talking about it.

One of the things I’ve noticed is the iMac’s lack of internal expandability. I would take some of Apple’s ideas they’ve used on the new Blue and White Power Mac G3 and previous Quadra machines. I would make it so that instead of the little door on the side opening, the whole side would open. Also the addition of a few PCI slots wouldn’t be too bad either. (Also, I’d add an extra fan while I’m at it – my iMac’s topped 180°F before.)

Apple USB Keyboard

Another thing I’ve noticed is one thing a lot of people haven’t noticed at all – the power key on the keyboard. I’ve had my iMac for about three months now, and my mom’s been using the computer occasionally (when her PC broke). One day, I showed her the keyboard power button, and she said “I never knew that was even there!” Maybe Apple should make it light up or – even cooler – make it the color of the computer. A lime (or, blueberry, grape, etc.) power key would look very nice.

There’s not really much more that my dream iMac would have that the current one doesn’t – other than my few improvements. Hopefully one day Apple will make my dreams come true.