The Wow Factor

1999 – When I told my friends and family that I had just bought a new iMac, I got pretty much the same response: “Eww! A Mac!!! Gross.”

Mac Happens

lime green iMac DVI was quite unpleased with this response, so I set my mind on getting these people to like my new Mac. I showed it to some of my P.C. (Pretty Crummy Computer) friends.

At first, all of my potential converts said, “It’s green!” This color alone wowed them, but then I turned it on.

The first thing they noticed was that I only needed to hit one button. Remember, there are only a few types of Windows machines that are in one unit. My friends were slowly starting to like this computer.

Welcome to Macintosh screenNow it was time to show more than the visual features of the iMac. Once they saw the Welcome to Macintosh screen, they said that they thought the iMac looked very user friendly. This was because any of you who have ever turned on a Windows machine made more than a year ago will notice that you get a black screen with text at start up. The Winodws startup screen is quite unfriendly.

Just 22 seconds later, the Finder appeared. Now they saw how cool it really looked. Now it was time to make it perform. I quickly turned on Apple’s free speech recognition software (found at I then said, “iMac, tell me a joke” – and it did!

Now my friends were definitely wowed. They had seen it boot very quickly and heard it tell a joke. My friends were hooked. Now they no longer say, “Eww, a Mac.”

They say, “I can’t wait until I get mine.”

I guess I’m a good seller.