What Can I Do With a Mac Plus, SE, or Classic in 1999?

I just got a Mac Plus, Mac SE, or Classic. What can one do with this ancient Mac today? (This is a typical Mac Daniel question.)

Mac Plus, SE, and ClassicThere are still many people who need to write a letter to home or other places, and these older Macs are great for doing this. One also has the ability to do drawing using MacPaint. I still use MacPaint for newsletters, report covers, and even artwork that is made into patterns for silk screening logos on shirts. I also have one HyperCard based application for designing and testing model rockets!

While testing some old links, I typed in this URL: <http://macplus.schoolvision.com> (this server was retired on 2001.10.27)

I was surprised to find a text-only website that is run from a Mac 128K machine that was upgraded to a Plus. This may be the oldest known microcomputer-based Web server. The original machine was built in May 1985 – a full 10 years before the advent of the World Wide Web. I was impressed. At the time this machine was built, 64 KB RAM machines with 300 bps modems and green or amber screens were still in common use.

The main point in using an old Mac is the fact that not every computer user is doing 3D rendering, high-end spreadsheets, or video/music editing. There are still a great number of people doing basic word processing and drawing. For those individuals, a G3 or G4 Mac is far too much of a machine for their needs. There are also people who can take shareware and do tasks that were not even dreamed of by Apple in 1984.

Visit your favorite used Mac dealer for software and antiques. Classic Macs do not always age. Some will adapt to new challenges.

  • Here’s an interesting article that MacWeek published this Wednesday: Cruising the Web in Black & White by John C. Foster. “I couldn’t help but feel a bit of pride as my elderly SE maneuvered the Web….”

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