DOS Daniel and Friends: Upgrade Advice for PC Users

PCs need a lot more support than Macs, so the switch to Low End Win made our advice column crucial.

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DOS Daniel & Friends: Upgrade Advice for PC Users

Doing DOS Daniel all by myself was too much – it could have become a full time job, but this entire site is just a part-time activity. The level of email was staggering. So I had to stop doing it all by myself.

I’ve found a way to do it. Several people from the Low End Win Help Desk have agreed to pitch in and bring back the DOS Daniel column. The big difference this time: they’ll be reading your email and responding. I’ll just be publishing the best of their work.

So, if you’re wondering if it makes sense to upgrade your older PC, or even what upgrade options you may have, pop on over to the staff page, read the profiles, pick one, and send your question.

You may even see it in print.

Dan Knight, webmaster, Low End Win


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