Macs Play MP3

2000: MP3s are the latest fad in the computer world. Many people use this file format to play their favorite songs. However, there have been many shortcomings to this new file format. With today’s tips, you’ll be able to get up and running with MP3s faster and easier than you’d ever thought possible.

Mac Happens

First, you need software to play MP3s. This set of programs and extensions is called QuickTime 4.0. You probably already have this software on your computer. But if you don’t, you can get it for free from Apple’s site.

Also, if you want to improve your MP3 listening experience, you can get a shareware MP3 player. These programs let you customize the way you listen to the MP3s, such as changing equalizer settings. Also, many of these programs add skins and playlists. My favorite MP3 player is Audion. You can get it from the Panic website.

After you have the necessary programs to play MP3s, you’ll need the MP3 files themselves. You can get MP3s from many places, but first a quick note about MP3s: MP3s are a nice way to listen to music on your computer. However, it is illegal to download MP3s that you do not already have on tape, vinyl, or CD.

Now, back to getting MP3s. There are many websites you can get MP3s. My favorite MP3 website is Audiofind (archived version).

One of the biggest problems with downloading MP3s is unreliability. Sometimes it’s hard to find the file you want. That’s why Napster was created. Napster is a program that lets you chat with other users about music. It also lets you download almost any MP3 you can imagine.

However, Napster is a Windows-only program – but don’t worry, two companies have ported it to the Macintosh. These two programs are called Macster and Rapster. I use Rapster because it has more features.

Now that you have enough tips and tricks for using MP3s, get out there and listen to some music!

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