More Backup Basics: Redux Returns

2000 – In my Backup Basics article published this past November, I mentioned the imminent revival of Redux, a personal backup system for Macintosh computers.

Redux 2.6.2 File Backup Software Released as Freeware

Redux was classic Mac software that had disappeared for several years, but which I noted was being revived and updated under new ownership. Revived it now is, and rather than selling for the original software’s price of $40, Redux is now freeware.

Reader Jenny Morgan, who runs a BMW service and performance shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, writes:

I love Redux 2.6.2. I don’t work for them or anything. But if you’re not familiar with it, download it (free) and try it. If you don’t agree it’s not the simplest, most natural (read, Mac-like) back-up application, I’ll be surprised.

These folks are trying to revive this application that was one of the first, I believe, ever written for the Mac. I have v1.0 and haven’t been able to use it for some time. The company was sold, my registration didn’t follow, I lost contact with who owned it. . . .

I have been using Retrospect and have always hated it. Too cryptic. Very peecee. I’m just thrilled it’s back and would love to share it with other Mac-ers. And hey, it free!

Jenny Morgan, V.P./General Manager, Little Car Shop, Inc.

Free or not, Redux offers a rich backup feature set, including incremental backups, filtering to selectively backup just a few files or entire volumes, scheduled backups, an easy to understand scripting language, and straightforward retrieval of archived information. Redux will backup files to any desktop-mountable device, including external hard drives and removable storage media.

Redux supports incremental backups, automatically detecting and backing up only those files which have changed, and will also let you retain files in the backup which have been deleted from your main drive, freeing up storage space for current files. Manual overrides can be set through a simple checkbox interface.

Redux allows you to schedule backups at regular time intervals – and on system events such as shutdown. You can change the parameters at any time, or set it once and forget about it.

Straightforward retrieval of archived information is key to the usability of Redux. Users have the choice to save files in normal Finder format, or use Redux’s database format. Either option allows you to locate and retrieve files or applications without wasting time or energy.

Redux’s powerful filtering enables you to selectively backup just a few files or entire volumes. Redux allows you to select combinations of file properties – for example choose to backup only files created last Wednesday, only those with certain characters in a name, or everything in certain folders. Filtering is set with intuitive popup menus and checkboxes, making it easy to understand and use from the first time it is used.

Customized backups can be scripted using BackTalk, Redux’s English-like scripting language that makes it simple to write instructions for filters and scheduling without a knowledge of programming. Scripting commands such as “Check all items that start with R” or “Check all items newer than two days” make it easy for anyone to read and write BackTalk scripts.

During a power failure, Redux will automatically create a script that will pick up right where it left off when power is restored. Redux can even run in the background while you do other work.

The just-released Redux 2.6.2 fixes problems described on the Redux 2.6.1 Known Problems page, along with a couple of minor ones not mentioned on that page. Additionally, Redux is now available in processor-specific versions (68K, PPC, Fat). The User’s Manual is available in two formats and is now a separate download.

Redux says that while you can now get Redux for nothing, technical support will be limited. They say they will do their best to answer any questions you have, but you’ll get no response if you ask a question that’s already answered on their website or in the program documentation.

Why are they giving away Redux? Here’s the statement from the Redux Website:

We’re nuts. No, really. We were saddened to hear that Redux was looking for a home since it’s the best backup software for the Mac, so we picked up the rights from the original developer and went to work. Quickly, we found out that we were not going to finish any time soon. Then, we discovered how hard it is to start up a full-time software company. So, after much anguish we decided that maintaining and developing Redux would be better viewed as a hobby. That’s where we are right now. We resurrected a classic bit of software, and we’re doing it for fun.

However, if you would like to pay us please feel free. Any money we receive will greatly aid in developing Redux 3 (more on that at a later date). Send whatever you think Redux is worth to:

Redux Software, 11248 Chestnut Grove #350, Reston, VA 20190

Redux Software is only giving Redux away to end users. This does not cover OEMs. If you want to redistribute Redux, you can contact them for terms.

More information may be found on Redux Software’s website.

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