Raising the Dead, Part 3

2000 – When last I wrote, I was in the process of testing out my refurbished Mac II. In my quest to revive the MacDead, I discovered that one needs to have the correct RAM for the machine. I now need to install four 1 MB SIMMs in Bank A to get the beast going.

I am attempting to not overspend on this repair, since a Mac II can be bought for about $30 these days. To think that that they went for $5,500 new….

Macintosh II

Storage Devices for Older Macs

Those of you Classic Mac-ers who still depend on 800K floppies should consider another storage medium. These disks are becoming progressively harder to find. The best option is to use a Zip drive with uncorrupted Iomega software. You can also use AppleTalk to transfer info to a Mac that has a high density disk drive or some other device. It is just a matter of getting the proper cables to interconnect the two Macs.

My Latest Project

PowerBook 100

PowerBook 100

I manage to get hold of an original PowerBook 100 with power supply, a (dead) external floppy drive, and a (dead) lead acid battery. What I am doing to replace the lead acid battery is the topic of a future column.

In the meantime, while I keep an eye out for an external floppy drive, I am using the 100 in SCSI Disk Mode to interface with an LC that I use. I move files to and from the 100 using the LC. It is a very nice arrangement. Both Macs use System 7.0.1 with the Tune Up. As long as one is not using a web browser, the original System 7 works fine.

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