Surfing the iNet

2000: You do everything with your Mac: You do your banking, talk to your friends, do your shopping. You do almost everything – well, now you can even send Mac-oriented cards to your friends! Apple has unveiled it’s free service to any computer users (not just us people with superior computers). This service is called iCards, and it is quite cool.

Mac Happens

When you get to the site you can select which type of card you wish to send to your friend. Some of the genres are nature, Apple products, vacations, and fine art – among many others. Also, it gives you the choice to create your own custom card. [iCards was discontinued in 2008.]

Another cool Mac site is the iTools site. At this site, if you’re using OS 9,* you can sign up for a variety of cool tools. Some of the tools are iDisk and Email. [iTools was replaced by .Mac in 2002, and .Mac was subsequently replaced by MobileMe in 2008, which gave way to iCloud in 2011.]

iDisk is a virtual hard disk on Apple’s computers. It mounts just like a regular disk in your Finder, but it it stores up to 20 MB of your files on their computer. Email is a free email service. This service offers many of the features as other email services, such as auto-responders and email forwarding, but it is only for Mac users. (You even get your own email address at

Yet another cool Mac site is Macinsearch. Macinsearch is a Mac-only search engine. It has a huge list of many Mac-oriented sites, so here you can probably find what ever type of Mac site you’re looking for. [Macinsearch disappeared in late 2004.]

But, what if you don’t know how good that site you find on Macinsearch is? Let iReview tell you. iReview is another free service provided by Apple. This site reviews many different sites and tells you if they’re good or not.

After you’ve done all of this great surfing to cool Mac services, you might want to laugh a little, so Yahoo has plenty of laughs for you. Check out Yahoo’s Mac Humor section [MIA since late 2000]. Pebble, and The Exploding Mac Site are my two favorites on that list.

Now that you’ve found plenty of sites to spend your time on, you won’t ever have to go outside again! And, of course, make sure to check back here for all of your Mac needs.

* You don’t have to use Mac OS 9. It’s apparently possible to use iTools with OS 8.1 and later – I’m using it with 8.6 on my home and work computers. Dan Knight, publisher.

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