The Bronze SE/30

From January 1984 through April 1987, all Macs were beige. Then Apple introduced “platinum,” a more business-like gray. That wasn’t enough, as we all discovered with the iMac in May 1998.


Bronze Mac SE/30

Bronze Mac SE/30

But Steve Jobs wasn’t alone in his discovery that people wanted more colorful computers; Gary Thornton also made that discovery. The end result is his bronze SE/30.

No, Gary didn’t really have his Mac bronzed. Instead, he carefully disassembled and painted it. If you’d like to own a Mac of a different color, he provides full instructions (with photos) on disassembling and painting the SE or SE/30.

Keep in mind that this is a time-consuming project. Not only do you have to disassemble and reassemble the computer, you may also need to apply several coats of paint, waiting for each to dry before adding the next.

In addition to the “bronzed” SE/30, Gary has a photo of a “stealth” SE/30 on his site – this one painted flat black.

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