The G4 Cube and Radeon Fans

June 2000: Since it’s unlikely that you spent the last few months in self-hypnosis by swinging your mouse back and forth, you probably heard that ATI leaked information about Apple’s new products before Apple announced them. And you probably heard that Apple “punished” ATI by removing all mention of their new Radeon chipset and using the Rage 128 Pro in all the new Macs instead.

Tangerine Fusion

But if you actually read the offending statement, you might be left scratching your head.

“In a keynote, wait for Apple to announce three new systems with ATI graphics in them. One will be an iMac with the RAGE 4XL chip, the remaining two are Power Macs which will ship with RAGE 128 PRO standard and Radeon.”

“So, wait, one of the Power Macs, either the new gigabit-ethernet G4 or the fanless G4 Cube, was supposed to have the trusty, if aging Rage 128 Pro anyway?”

Well, the Cube is supposed to be a gap-bridging model, not a true gaming machine, since it only has a 7″ AGP slot. Besides, why mess with the elegance of silent computer by installing the Radeon card, a graphics card with no less than – a fan!