Bumper Snickers

If Apple lovers made bumper stickers….

Mac OS X: Curtains for Windows

When people break in - do they come in through Windows?

I just can't get that Blue Screen of Death off my Windows

Your computer has more cables than my iMac

Do you want to work in your computer - or use your computer to do work?

All my Windows are double pained

Windows is to innovation as popcorn is to nuclear subs

If we can't beat 'em, integrate it into the Operating System

Go to Start to quit. Pay bill Gates $200.

Plug and play? Plug and cuss!

Support Microsoft R and D: Invest in Apple stock

Don't support illegal monopolies

Permission to print your own bumper stickers or use these as taglines is hereby granted. If you wish to print and sell bumper stickers in quantity, please contact Jeff Adkins.

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