4 Apps for Your Science Class

2002 – Here are four free (not shareware) programs you might find handy when teaching math, physical science, astronomy, or biology. Everything works under Mac OS X either natively or in Classic Mode except as noted. Enjoy!

Apple’s Digital Hub Disadvantage

2002: As mentioned in my previous article, Apple has been attracting the attention of the mainstream press with its latest iMac. The gushing is much deserved, and hopefully, more people will see Apple in a different light.

Going Ten, Part 3: Progressing Slowly

2002 – Let me be right up front and state that it’s going to be a while before I stop booting into Mac OS 9.x to get my work done. I’ve developed habits that depend on classic Mac features like a series of popup windows at the bottom of my screen and being able to […]

Why OS X Doesn’t Need a RAM Disk

2002: As noted elsewhere today, I’ve been using ramBunctious, a classic Mac OS RAM Disk program, for years. Although it works in Classic Mode under Mac OS X, the RAM disks it creates are inaccessible to OS X, so I’ve retired a real workhorse program.