5 Ways to Improve the iMac G4 (That Don’t Involve the One-Button Mouse)

2002 – Having had some time to reflect on my experience with the flat-panel iMac G4 at Macworld Expo, I have come up with five ways to improve the product which range from the impractical to the irresistible.

17-inch iMac g4

Here they are:

  1. Make the very bottom of the base, where the ports lie, rotatable. You don’t want your ports in the back? Fine. Rotate them to the front. (It might be easier to make the split just below the SuperDrive, but it’d look awful. Or maybe RoadTools wants to expand into desktops….)
  2. Provide Pro speaker mounts on the sides of the monitor and run jacks down through the neck.
  3. Include a package of PostItâ„¢ notes in the box and a package of screen cleaner to clean fingerprints off the frame. (I’ve not purchased one yet – do they already come with something like that?)
  4. Make the monitor port a true second monitor port that can serve as an extended desktop instead of just a mirror. Use an ATI video card, though, so you don’t hurt Power Mac sales.
  5. Give the keyboard a snappier response. Apple hasn’t make a decent keyboard since the old Extended Keyboard; everything else is squishy. I want a nice solid click, and I don’t care if it’s noisy. I actually went to the effort of trying out a bunch of third-party keyboards, but they’re all squishy clones. That’s one of the reasons I love my old Beige Power Mac G3 minitower – it has an ADB port.

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Short link: http://goo.gl/tCJZiz