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News and Comment

RealNetworks Restores Harmony to the iPod’s Ryan Block reports:

“Ah, how RealNetworks’ vindication must be tasting sweet today; late last year they vowed to restore iPod compatibility to their FairPlay-like Harmony DRM system, enabling non-iTunes Music Store vendors (well, only them, really) to sell music to iPod owners.”

iPods Can Be Tools of Espionage

Australian IT News’ Graeme Kemlo says:

“Stolen laptops and lost PDAs embarrass governments and businesses. Paris Hilton’s smartphone outed her contacts. But the new corporate security risk might be a seemingly innocent iPod.

“With gigabyte data capacities, they are the potential weak links in small-to-medium enterprises (SME) and corporate networks that are otherwise secured at significant effort and expense….

“It is inevitable that legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley and Australia’s Privacy Act could apply to information lost by use of these devices.”

PodSalvage 3.0 Recovers Files from iPod or Other Media

PR: Rescue lost songs from your iPod using this software for Mac OS X. Undelete files, photos, and iTunes purchases. Recover data from corrupted mp3 players.

PodSalvage can undelete and recover files in the following formats: JPEG images, PNG (Portable Network Graphics), GIF (Graphics Interchange Format), BMP images, ics Calender Files (iCal), M4A (iTunes music), M4P (iTunes encrypted music), MP3, AIFF sound, WAV sound, HTML, RTF (Rich Text Format) text, TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)

PodSalvage is device and file system independent. You can recover files from a normal Mac OS hard drive, USB key, PC disk, Linux disk, FLASH card, scratched CD, and almost anything else that your Macintosh can recognize.

If you lose any files that you want back, just run PodSalvage and if the deleted files have not been written over (of which there are usually good chances), it will recover them. Corruption does not detain PodSalvage. It will process any intact data on the disk and recover whole or partial files wherever they are found.

PodSalvage can currently recover more than 60 key file formats, focusing on both computer files and RAW camera files, as it works on digital cameras too. More types are being constantly added, and you can see a current list of them by opening the PodSalvage application.

Even with such features and the performance, PodSalvage is extremely straightforward to use. PodSalvage’s easy-to-use interface is designed for all OS X users. The whole recovery operation can be completed with a few clicks.

  • Sometimes things get deleted and you really need them back. Whether it is your 3 year old son playing on the mouse, or you’re working that little bit too late one night and your attention slips. Accidents happen and SubRosaSoft Salvage software helps you recover from them. Files you have accidentally deleted.
  • If you have a CD that has been scratched and you just cannot recover the files from it you need the SubRosaSoft Salvage range of software. If your hard drive will no longer mount and you really need your files off it then you need the SubRosaSoft Salvage range of software. Files that have become unreadable due to media faults.
  • If you format or initialize your device accidentally and there were files on there that you need back then you need the SubSosaSoft Salvage range of software. Files that were on a drive before it was initialized/formatted.

PodSalvage Features

Written specifically for Mac OS X, PodSalvage includes powerful features that give a user greater control and flexibility in retrieving lost data:

  • Safety first – PodSalvage will never write to the disk or device you are salvaging data from. This makes the software risk free of causing further damage to your disk, as it does not attempt to repair a disk but instead simply reads it, and copies the relevant files to a destination of your choosing.
  • Works anywhere – PodSalvage is device and file system independent. You can recover files from a hard drive, Digital Camera, USB key, PC disk, FLASH card, scratched CD’s, and almost anything else that you can plug in to your computer.
  • Skips free space – On HFS+ volumes, PodSalvage will scan only the free space of a volume to recover files from.
  • Recovers files after a disk or device has been formatted – Got an initialized disk or other device that had files on it you want back? No problem, PodSalvage will recover your files from that too.
  • Recovers files from corrupt media – Corruption does not detain PodSalvage. It will process any intact data on the disk and recover whole or partial files wherever they are found.
  • PodSalvage even works on faulty hardware – PodSalvage may be able to recover data from disks or devices that you were previously considering to be a new doorstop. It does this by using several different extensively tested, improved, and proven techniques to read the same piece of information, and automatic skipping of areas of media that are fully unreadable. By employing this method PodSalvage is often able to recover disks and devices that formerly appeared too physically broken to use.
  • File Type Selection – Select specific file types you want to recover. PodSalvage can be used to recover as many or few file types as you choose.

PodSalvage cannot recover deleted files which have subsequently been written over by copying more data onto the volume/drive. However due to the way data are distributed when being copied to a drive, there are often still good chances of recovering your file if you have copied more data onto your drive since losing it. PodSalvage will not be able to recover data from a device that has been secure-erased, as this process involves overwriting all data on the device. However, by default secure-erase is not generally used. PodSalvage cannot recover deleted files that have subsequently been written over by copying more data onto the volume/drive. However due to the way data are distributed when being copied to a drive, there are often still good chances of recovering your file if you have copied more data onto your drive since losing it. PodSalvage will not be able to recover data from a device that has been secure-erased, as this process involves overwriting all data on the device. However, by default secure-erase is not generally used.

New in this version:

Added support for JPEG images, PNG (Portable Network Graphics), GIF (Graphics Interchange Format), BMP images, ics Calender Files (iCal), HTML, RTF (Rich Text Format) text, TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) files.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.2.8 and above
  • CD/DVD drive for bootable CD and CD installation
  • This software has been tested and approved for use with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.2.8 or above, Tiger Compatible

PodSalvage sells for $49.95.

Celebrate Las Vegas’ 100th Birthday: Book a Getaway on Travelocity, Be Entered to Win an iPod

PR: Travelers who Purchase a Flight+Hotel TotalTrip from now through May 31 to Las Vegas also receive a free download of “Viva Las Vegas” on the iTunes Music Store

From shows and music to gaming and dancing, Travelocity and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) have joined together to help consumers celebrate Las Vegas’ 100th birthday.

To celebrate the entertainment capital of the world’s centennial anniversary on May 15, everyone who books a Flight+Hotel TotalTrip from now through May 31 on Travelocity will be entered to win one of 100 iPods(R), the world’s most popular digital music player. In addition, anyone that purchases a TotalTrip during this limited time period also will be given a free download of Elvis Presley’s hit “Viva Las Vegas” from the iTunes Music Store. Travelocity complements this download by offering a recommended list of tunes for the perfect trip to Vegas.

“Las Vegas is the hottest entertainment destination and the iPod is the hottest portable entertainment device, so we thought a great way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Vegas was to put it all together in one package – book a vacation package to Vegas on Travelocity and be entered to win one of 100 iPods,” said Bryan Saltzburg, vice president of packaging and cruises for Travelocity.

“This is a very exciting time for consumers to visit Las Vegas as we celebrate our 100-year history with so many exciting events happening throughout the year,” said Terry Jicinsky, senior vice president of marketing, LVCVA. “We’re thrilled to partner with Travelocity to help more travelers experience Las Vegas during this historic celebration.”

Apple to Offer EverywherePower 3500 Power Adapter

PR: Mobility Electronics, Inc., a leading provider of portable power and computing solutions for the mobile electronic device user, announced that Apple will begin selling the iGo EverywherePower 3500 Series power adapter with an interchangeable tip for use on the iPod portable music player. Beginning in the second quarter of 2005, the EverywherePower 3500 Series is expected to be available on the Apple website and in its retail stores.

The EverywherePower 3500 Series will be bundled with the iGo DualPower accessory and an iPod itip, which allows the adapter to power/charge an iPod plus a second low-power mobile electronic (ME) device simultaneously. Additional separately sold itips will enable iPod users to utilize the power adapter to power/charge thousands of other models of low-power ME devices. EverywherePower 3500 Series features combination AC/DC functionality, which allows a single adapter to power low-power ME devices from any power source – whether that source is a standard wall outlet or outlets in cars, trucks, boats or airplanes.

“The iPod is rapidly becoming the must-have electronic device for music lovers,” said Charlie Mollo, CEO of Mobility Electronics. “We are pleased to work with Apple to offer iPod users a single power adapter that can be used on their iPods and almost all of their other low-power ME devices. This relationship provides Mobility with an excellent opportunity to generate awareness for our universal power adapters among Apple’s growing base of iPod users.”

In the second quarter of 2005, Apple is also expected to begin selling the iGo EverywherePower 6500 Series combination AC/DC power adapter (formerly known as Juice) for portable computers on its website and in its retail stores. The EverywherePower 6500 Series adapter will come bundled with an itip for use on iPods, as well as the DualPower accessory, enabling users to power two devices at once. Previously, Apple purchased a version of Mobility’s Juice power adapter through a private label distributor.

Packaging for both the EverywherePower 3500 and 6500 Series adapters will prominently feature the “Made for iPod” label, Apple’s new certification program that standardizes all accessories for the iPod.

Mobility Electronics’ products are available at as well as through leading resellers, retailers and OEM partners.

LoadPod Launches Hands-on iPod and iTunes Training

PR: LoadPod has announced the immediate nationwide availability of “LearnPod” hands-on training for the iPod and iTunes in the comfort of your home or office.

“Hands-on iPod training is something that our customers have been asking for, so we’re thrilled to begin offering it to them today,” said Bill Palmer, LoadPod’s Founder and President. “And our nationwide presence means that LoadPod is the only company that can do this the right way, by offering customers hands-on training on their iPod, on their computer, in their home.”

The new LearnPod training is available in two separate thirty minute sessions, one for iTunes and one for the iPod, or as a combined one hour session that covers both products. Customers can order LearnPod sessions either as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with LoadPod’s nationally recognized iPod loading service.

For details including specific training components and pricing, to order LearnPod training, or to learn more about LoadPod’s other services, visit

LoadPod offers iPod users everywhere the opportunity to take their entire existing CD collection with them as they journey into the age of digital music with nationwide local in-person service.


Using Your iPod to Turn Dead Time into Quality Time

iPod Garage’s Stephan Fassmann says:

“I love to listen to my iPod while doing yardwork, it turns the dead time into something far more enjoyable for me, I actually like doing yardwork now, because it doesn’t feel like wasted time. It is spring and things are nice and warm in Colorado and the grass is beginning to grow. Last weekend I mowed and aerated the lawn, I spread that out over a couple of very tiring days. I jacked into my iPod and spun up some different things. ”

iPod photo: Inaccurate Dates on Photos Synced from iPhoto

A new Apple Knowledge Base Article says:

When you sync photos from iPhoto to your iPod photo, the photo date displayed may be inaccurate; you may see one or both of the following:

  • The date at the top of the iPod screen displays Dec 2000 for all photos.
  • The full-resolution copies of the photos on the iPod are stored in this folder hierarchy: /iPodname/Photos/Full Resolution/2001/01/01 (where iPodname is the name of your iPod).


Otterbox for iPod mini

SpyMac’s Judy Westcott says:

“Otterbox for iPod mini is a fully waterproof, interactive case designed to provide rugged protection from the elements.

“Otter Products has engineered the Otterbox for iPod mini specifically to give users access to all their tunes while at the beach, gym, hiking, canoeing or camping without fear of ruining their favorite device. With cases introduced last year for 3rd and 4th generation iPods, Otter Products says this new Otterbox case incorporates some improvements requested by customers.

“OtterBox for iPod mini is waterproof, dustproof, dirtproof, sandproof, and drop-proof. When combined with waterproof headphones, it becomes possible to take the mini lap swimming, jet skiing, kayaking or to any other water related activity. It has an easy to read through screen, with a clear membrane allowing users to access the iPod mini controls. The case is useable with any style headphones and incorporates cable management on the belt clip for headphones.”

myPower Rechargable Battery

The Different District’s John Tylko reports:

“Has your iPod battery worn out? The myPower iPod Rechargable Battery was designed to be a standalone backup battery for the iPod. It is a thin white pack that clips to the back of your iPod and is secured at the bottom by the dock connector. It adds about an inch to the bottom of the iPod, and weighs a little less than a normal iPod. It has a lineout port on the bottom for connecting the iPod to external speakers. Tekkeon has added a handful of optional items, making it more of an iPod accessory system rather than just an iPod battery. The myPower works with any iPod that has a dock connector – the perfect fix for people whose iPod batteries have died or worn out, or just want an extra power boost when the iPod’s internal battery runs low.”

iSkin eVo2 and Wild Colors Review

iSkin gone wildThe Different District’s John Tylko reports:

“Since the very first version of the iSkin case for the iPod, iSkin has worked out all of the flaws. Their eVo2 case for the 4th generation iPod is perfect, featuring a screen protector, iTrip-like device access, a belt clip, and more. As iSkin states on their website, ‘Apple just made the iPod better. So iSkin responded by revamping iSkin eVo for the new iPod: enter the iSkin eVo2! The updates were centered around customer requests – better fit and finish, stronger, more durable belt clip, and an all-new ultra clear screen protector with 6 contact points to keep it in place at all times. eVo2 is available in nine fashionably cool colors including the very cool Ultra-Glo glow-in-the-dark series.'”

Hook Casemandu iPod Travel Case Review’s Jeremy Horwitz reports:

“iPod cases come in two flavors: small form-fitting designs, and larger holders known as “travel cases.” To date, we’ve seen numerous small iPod hard cases, and a few large iPod soft cases, but no large iPod hard cases. Sensing an open niche, Hook Industries developed Casemandu ($39.95), the first iPod-dedicated hard carrying case large enough to also hold accessories.”

TrendyGeek Pod Shield’s Josh Pigford reports:

“I love my iPod. I mean I really love my iPod. It’s my little music machine and you better believe I’m not giving it up anytime soon. Unfortunately though, my little iPod is a bit fragile. Within an hour of purchasing mine, it had little tiny scratches all over the screen and metal backing. I’m not sure why Apple chooses to use materials that are so easily damaged. My PowerMac’s steel casing is easily scratched as is the same steel casing of the PowerBooks.

“To solve the scratch-ability issue, I quickly purchases a thick and bulky silicon casing that certainly was able to protect the iPod. One chunky drawback to this was that not only did it almost double the size of the iPod, it just looked silly. My sleek, stylish iPod became a dirty silicon mass.

“Enter Pod Shield.

“Upon my decision that the chunk of silicon wasn’t going to cut it, I began my search for something less noticeable but equally effective. Then I found TrendyGeek. TrendyGeek are the manufactures of the wildly popular line of Pod Shields.”

New Products

Speck Announces Dock for iPod Shuffle

Shuffle DockPR: iPod at your office

Dock your Shuffle on your desk! The Speck Shuffle Dock provides a convenient and stylish stand and docking station for your iPod Shuffle. The perfect solution if your Shuffle won’t fit directly into your USB port- or if you’re just looking for an easier way to sync.

Plug the USB cord into your computer – set it up in a convenient location, then un-cap and plug your iPod into the Shuffle dock!


  • Stylish all-white design
  • 4.5 ft. USB cord included
  • non-slip rubber bottom
  • Easy to plug and sync
  • Works with Speck SkinTight Shuffle Skins

Price: $24.95

SunBlazer Solar Power Holster Coming for iPod

SunBlazerPR: Reality Wireless Networks Inc. has announced that its merger partner, Genesis Electronics Inc., plans to develop a SunBlazer model for use with the iPod. The SunBlazer is a mobile power holster that will provide extended playing time for iPod users.

The SunBlazer is designed to provide constant power for handheld consumer electronic products like cell phones – and now the iPod. This constant power is based on the Genesis Electronics’ product design, which includes high efficiency solar cells for “on the go” charging in combination with a substantial internal storage battery that can also be charged by a standard AC charger or DC car charger adaptor.

Users of the SunBlazer for the iPod will experience extended playing time in a sleek, attractive mobile holster format that protects the iPod while simultaneously providing more power whenever exposed to direct or indirect sunlight. Genesis expects the SunBlazer to be released in several colors. The Company plans to sell the SunBlazer for the iPod through major retailers like Circuit City, Radio Shack, Staples, Best Buys, Office Max, etc.

Jerry Bessa, CEO of Genesis, commented, “The SunBlazer for the iPod is a natural extension of Genesis’s mobile power product line expected to be released later this summer. Given that Apple has sold approximately 10 million iPods since 2001 and is expected to sell an additional 20 million this year, the SunBlazer for the iPod is an ideal product application and design extension of our technology.”

The CEO of Reality Wireless Networks Inc., Steve Careaga, noted, “This new SunBlazer product for the iPod is another clear indicator of the value and excitement this merger will bring to Reality Wireless Networks Inc. We believe that Genesis has an opportunity to become a leading mobile power solution provider for consumer hand held electronics products.”

iPod.iTunes 2.8 iPod Track & Playlist Sync/Transfer

PR: Unlike other iPod copy tools, iPod.iTunes provides real synchronization of MP3, AAC, Protected AAC, and Audible tracks and even playlists from your iPod(s) to your Mac(s).

iPod.iTunes saves your time because it automatically copies only those tracks that are missing in the iTunes library, excluding duplicates. If you wish, it provides also an option to show a list of tracks which are not in iTunes and to copy only desired tracks from that list.

iPod.iTunes can be used to

  • Keep music and playlists on different Macs up to date
  • Do a full restore of tracks and playlists – i.e. after a hard disk failure
  • Revert accident deletion of tracks and/or playlists, if these are still on your iPod
  • Clone an iPod
  • Transfer an entire music library from one Mac to another via the iPod

Tracks and playlist entries can be synchronized together or separately. If the tracks on the iPod are already in the iTunes library and you only want the iPod playlists, you can use the playlist synchronization alone.

For every track synchronization iPod.iTunes creates a date&time stamped iTunes playlist containing the tracks which were transferred. This gives the option to easily add those tracks to existing playlists or to create new playlists from the transferred tracks.

New in this version:

  • Tiger Compatible.
  • Various improvements.

System requirements:

iPod.iTunes 2.8 supports:

  • Mac OS 10.2 up to 10.4
  • iTunes 3.0.1 up to 4.7.1
  • Mac/PC-formatted iPod with firmware 1.0 up to 4.1. Does currently not work with the iPod shuffle.

iPod2iTunes 1.8.1 supports:

  • Mac OS 10.1.2 up to 10.1.5
  • iTunes 2.0.4 up to 3.0.1
  • Mac-formatted iPod with firmware 1.0 up to 1.2.2

iPod.iTunes is €29.90 shareware.

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