The Productive Mac

Thomas Ahart has lived in Kansas City all his life and has been using Macs since about 1996. He owned a Gateway PC before he got his first Mac, and it was so troublesome that he was fed up and wanted to try a new platform. He tried a Mac and loved it instantly.

Thomas owns a Titanium PowerBook G4, Graphite Power Mac G4, two Blue and White Power Mac G3s, six tray-loading iMacs, two slot-loading iMacs, two iBooks, a Beige Power Mac G3, and many even older Macs.

In this column he’ll be covering older Macs the most, although he also likes OS X and new Macs. He’ll also write about somewhat newer Macs, although even these computers will probably considered old by many of you.

Thomas is a big Classic user, and he mainly writes about programs for Systems 7, 8, and 9.

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