How Apple’s Intel Transition Hurts Elementary Education

2006 – Here I am, writing another article about PowerPC processors vs. Intel processors (my previous one was PowerPC vs. Intel: Has Apple Been Lying to Us?) – but this article touches on another subject, one that really impacts our elementary schools.

IBM PowerPC 970 G5 CPUOkay, Intel’s newest processors may very well be faster than the G5s (a.k.a. PowerPC 970), though I really doubt if they’re that much faster. Only time will tell if the Intel Xeon processors really are a lot faster than the G5s.

Well have to wait for more universal software to reach the market. Until then, no one will know for sure just how much faster the Intel-based Macs are overall.

Classic Mode and Education

I must say, I really feel bad for the schools. They’re the ones that will be hurt the most by Apple’s transition to Intel CPUs and the complete lack of support for Classic Mode on Intel-based Macs.

Mac ClassicI know the computer lab teacher at an elementary school who still uses kids games like Math Blaster Plus, Reader Rabbit 2, Treasure Mathstorm, Out Numbered, Kid Pix, and Thinkin’ Things, etc. All of those educational programs were designed to run on Mac Classics and LCs under System 7, and they all ran fine in Classic Mode under OS X on PowerPC Macs.

But Intel-based Macs don’t support Classic, so now the schools are going to have to buy new software, leaving all of these classic educational programs behind. Or stick with old Macs. Or abandon these time-tested programs.

Maybe it’s time for the schools that still have Classics, LCs, or 5200s stashed in closets to pull them out and start using them again. At least then they won’t have to spend a ton of money buying new software that will work on the newest Macs.

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