Acorn and the BBC Micro: From Education to Obscurity

In the US, the Apple II was considered the gold standard in the education market. The machine was more expensive than its contemporaries, such as the Commodore 64 and TI-99, but it had a very large software library and was heavily discounted to educators. Its position in the market was augmented by Apple’s Kids Can’t […]

How After Dark Came to Windows

Although After Dark got its start on the Macintosh, this wonderful screen saver also found its way to the Windows side through the help of two equally talented, artistic souls, Bill Stewart and Ian MacDonald. I recently interviewed Bill Stewart.

Steve Jobs Stirs Up the DRM Hornet’s Nest

2007 – Steve Jobs spoke to the world last Tuesday about his outlook on digital music and what, if any, continued role DRM would have in the marketplace of digital music. While carefully worded – indeed no talk of DRM as it relates to video was broached – the written statement linked from the Apple […]

On Mighty Toaster Wings: More After Dark History

It’s nothing short of spectacular to interview the legends behind an artistic creation. Just to know through every freeze frame that came to their minds, every idea that became born of creativity beyond wildest imaginations, the magic, the bewilderment, the stories behind the culmination of it all – it gives you a feeling of awe […]

Marketing Campaign Bombs in Redmond

Low End Mac apologizes for the panic created when LED signs promoting our website were mistaken for bombs yesterday in Redmond, Washington. We just assumed people would recognize our friendly Mac mascot, as the compact Mac shape is iconic.