Why I Write for Low End Mac

I have been writing for Low End Mac for just under four years and have written over 70 articles on various topics in that time, but why do I do it?

Prior to becoming a writer, I used Low End Mac as a constant source of information, finding myself researching my latest project and ending up on Low End Mac nearly every day. The quality of writing and the passion of its writers amazed me. These were writers who did it because of their love of Apple and its products, because they knew what they were talking about, because they wanted to share that love and knowledge with others. Writers such as Charles W Moore were a constant source of inspiration.

I have owned over 30 Macs and Apple devices since the start of millennium, and my knowledge and experience using these has led me through a winding path of highs and lows. Each device and each OS has its own quirks, upgrade paths, and unique experience. In 2002 my love of Apple and technology led me to create my own website, which I was struggling to push and get noticed.

In 2008, I sent in an article for the My First Mac section of Low End Mac, and it was published. Dan Knight then contacted me, asking if I would like my own column, and I jumped at it. It made sense to switch where my articles were placed and have them published on a mainstream and well respected website. I have been tapping out articles ever since.

Low End Mac has always stayed true to its philosophy of keeping older Apple devices going – that now including iPods and iPhones, not just Macs – and showing the world that the latest is not always the greatest and that the average user does not need to have the newest machines.

I would like to think I am contributing to the success of such a brilliant site and share the same passion for all things Apple (but mainly those older pieces of kit that a lot of people would push aside). They still have a lot of life in them, and in the past I have used 8-year-old Macs as my main machine.

Knowledge is power, and it should be used to govern people. It should be thrown back in the pot for others to consume and for them to use to help others, and so forth. Computers are a necessity in the 21st century, and those with the know-how should help those less informed.

I wish Low End Mac every success for the future – and with Apple marching ahead and leaving hardware behind faster than ever, more Macs are falling in to the low-end bracket.

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