ScuzzyGraph and ScuzzyGraph II

Online information about ScuzzyGraph is minimal. We do know that it allows old black-and-white Macs with SCSI ports to work with an external display. It supports a 3-bit, 8-color palette (some sources say 4-bit/16-color with some Macs), which is a far cry from the 8-bit/256-color output introduced with the Mac II’s first color video card […]

So You Wanna Build a Macquarium

Who needs a screen saver when you can have real fish in your old Mac? Perhaps nothing else he’s done has brought Andy Ihnatko quite the same fame and notoriety as inventing the Macquarium – a compact Mac gutted and turned into a fishbowl. Following are links to online resources for those interested in converting […]

World Book Encyclopedia 2012 DVD

In schools, libraries and homes across America, World Book Encyclopedia has always been considered the go-to reference for general knowledge in a clear, easy-to-understand format. World Book Encyclopedia has been in print since 1917, and within the last couple of decades it has expanded to digital formats such as CDs, DVDs, and the internet. The […]

Avoid Password Insanity with LastPass

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had lots of different email addresses over the years – and lots of different websites you log into. The Mac’s password manager does a good job if you have a single Mac, but things gets messy when you use multiple Macs (or multiple versions of OS X on the […]

Low End Mac’s Brand and Spelling Guide

A style guide is where you turn when you’re not sure how to spell, capitalize, or punctuate a word or name. This is presented as a public service to Mac webmasters, who should feel free to contribute additions and suggest changes.