Enable Facebook Notification Sounds in iOS

For a while now, push notifications in iOS have had no noise when they popped up on your screen. I am not sure when this happened, but it used to. Want to enable sounds? Here’s how.

Other push notifications – such as Twitter and eBay – make sounds, so I knew my iPhone 4 running iOS 6 wasn’t broken. I had asked this question before, and people just assumed it had been disabled. However, you can enable it and here is how.

On your iDevice, load the Facebook app. Then press the icon in the top left, which opens up the side bar – it is 3 white lines. Scroll down and click on Account Settings.

Then click on Notifications and then Mobile Push.

You will then see an option at the top which says Sound For Push Notifications. Underneath it will say ‘On: Only for Important Notifications’. Click on this and change it to ‘All notifications, except the ones you unsubscribe from’.

Voilà, you will now receive a notification sound when a Facebook push notification pops up on your iDevice, just like other push enabled apps. A simple thing, but it has annoyed me – and others – for a while.

This works on iOS 6 using the latest version to date on my iPhone. It should also work on an iPad running iOS 6. I am not sure about older versions; it should work but the instructions might differ slightly.

This cannot be managed by accessing Facebook on a browser. It has to be changed on your iDevice using the Facebook app. I assume that once it is changed on one device, it should be the same if you then signed in to another iDevice – i.e., an iPad and iPhone.

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