Flash 11 Hack for PowerPC Updated to 11.5

With PowerPC  Macs being left further and further behind, the unofficial Flash 11.1 hack from 2011 has now been updated to 11.5.

Adobe stopped Flash support for PowerPCs at version 10.1. Soon after Flash 11 was released and sites started popping up requiring the new version of Flash, much to the annoyance of PowerPC Mac owners.

Back in 2011, I shared with Low End Mac readers the hack that allowed some Flash 11.1 sites to run on PowerPC Macs even though it was officially only an Intel product. One of its greatest achievements was playing integrated videos on sites such as FaceBook, that Flash 10.1 refused to do.

Well two years later and I have found that this hack has been updated to include Flash 11.5.

You can view the YouTube video below and download the new Flash files here. Installation instructions included in the zip file. A great shout to the guy that produced this, helping keep the PowerPC platform afloat. 

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