Flash 11 Hack for PowerPC Updated to 11.7

PowerPC Mac owners can now experience Flash 11.7 with the latest unofficial hack update.

Less than a week ago I informed you that the fantastic Adobe Flash hack that brought Flash 11.1 to PowerPC Macs had been updated to 11.5. Officially Flash releases stopped at 10.1 for the Power PC.

Well, as of 18th May 2013, the hack has been tweaked and updated to cover Flash version 11.7 – currently the latest version of Flash being offered officially by Adobe to Intel machines.

You can download the updated files here.

I would just like to thank the creator of these hacks (which isn’t me). He has helped so many PowerPC Mac owners keep their beloved computers as current as possible.*

However, with the recent news that future TenFourFox wont support plugins, how long these updates will keep coming and keep working is a question no one can answer. After all, these hacks merely trick your Flash Player and browser in to thinking it is a newer version, and while most sites work there will be a few – more and more with time – that genuinely need Flash 11 and all the new things it brings.

* NOTE: older versions of Flash may be vulnerable to attacks, that would have been patched in newer versions. Be aware of this. While this enabled Flash 11.7, it is essentially Flash 10.1 tricked.

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7 thoughts on “Flash 11 Hack for PowerPC Updated to 11.7

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  2. I’ve downloaded this file 3 times since the May update (including from his YouTube), and all 3 times, the file shows up as version 11.5 (in Get Info) and as 11.1 in Adobe’s Find Version site. What am I doing wrong? I’m running OS 10.4.11 on a Powerbook 1.67mHz G4.

    I did have luck with NordKril’s file in getting it to show up as 11.5, but sadly my old setup still won’t work in Pogo…what’s a girl to do now, without Stack’Em? :(

  3. Yep, same problem here (on a G5 w/OS 10.5.8)… I made this same hack earlier and found this post hoping maybe someone had gotten it to work or I missed something. So still searching where the Adobe site actually checks the version from. We’re only half-way there it looks like! Bummer.

  4. Tupring:

    I’m on a emac PowerPC G4 with Tiger 4.11. I tried this 1atest flash hack that you uploaded on 11/23 and still I cannot get SouthParkStudios to work. It maybe they are simply not acknowledging anything non-Intel. I don’t know. I haven’t tried DailyMotion yet but that wasn’t working on the previous 11.5 version. There is a GreaseMonkey plug-in that will strip out DailyMotion mp4s if you’re on a PowerPC, which is wonderful, and you can play their videos in HTML5.

    Anyway, I appreciate your efforts. Thank you very much.

  5. Thanks for the comment. I’ll try the SouthPark site on my G5 running Leopard later. I may be able to test it out on Tiger, depending if I can still get one of old G4’s to boot. Does pogo.com work for you?

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