iOS 7: Wallpaper Gallery

iOS 7 dropped to the public yesterday, bringing a slick and gorgeous new design to iDevices. I take look at the new wallpaper collection.

After the mad rush and some people experiencing delays and problems downloading – due to overloaded servers – most people now have installed iOS 7. Some love it, some hate it. It seems Apple fans are split on whether the bold new look to iOS – breaking from the design that has been there since 2007 – is a good move or not.

Personally, I think it breathes new life into the iPhone and iPad operating system, while retaining the functionality we all love.

Featuring a new white background base and thin fonts, it also brings with it a funky new fun feel, which depending on which wallpaper you use, can be ultra ‘kid style’ funky or toned down to a more serious look.

Take a look at the new set of wallpapers. Unfortunately owing an iPhone 4 cuts me out of the new dynamic moving wallpapers.

Which One For Me?

Personally I am embracing the new fun feel to it and have chosen the boldest multicoloured background for both my lock screen and my homescreen.

I use a passcode to keep ‘little hands’ out of my iPhone – this also changes depending on what background you use, which is a very neat idea.

I am loving iOS 7 and its great new look. Well done Apple.

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One thought on “iOS 7: Wallpaper Gallery

  1. One thing I found is that the new folder colours are washed out on lighter backgrounds, but other than that most of iOS 7 is an improvement (With the odd niggle here and there)

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