Asphalt 8 Airborne Mini Review

If you are a fan of racing games, you should check out the latest mobile high speed instalment of the Asphalt range. Step up Asphault 8 Airborne.


I am not a huge gamer and certainly don’t have many games installed on my iPhone. I used to be a huge FPS and racing fan, but as I have gotten older, gaming has lost the appeal it did in my teens.

However, I do still enjoy a blast on the Burnout or Need For Speed series. For mobile or portable devices the Asphalt range has been very successful. I enjoyed Asphalt Urban GT on Nintendo DS and Asphalt 3D on Nintendo 3DS.

After seeing a TV advert for Asphalt 8 Airborne, I thought I would give it a try. It looked very impressive and is also available for free – with in-game purchases available.


You can get it from the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. [Editor’s note: A coworker also plays it on his Microsoft Surface RT.]

For Apple devices, it requires iOS 5 but says iPhone 4 upwards (despite iOS 5 running on the iPhone 3GS). I think this is due to processor power. The iPhone 4 has 800 MHz and 512 MB RAM vs. 600 MHz and 256 MB RAM in the 3GS.

For Android, it says “varies by device”.

What Do I Think

My iPhone 4s is still being sold as Apple’s lowest device. With such a high powered new game, I wondered how it would perform and how my 4s would handle it.

I downloaded the whopping 1.48 GB game and gave it a whirl. Loading up the game it was fairly quick. After a few selections, I was off racing.

The graphics are absolutely stunning with highly detailed backgrounds and perfectly rendered vehicles on the iPhone’s Retina Display. The speed even – on my iPhone 4s – was amazing, really giving you the impression you were travelling at 200km/h +.

Gameplay is superb. High speed racing mixed with knockdowns, fantastically simulated crashes, and plenty of ramps and jumps.

asphalt8airbourne-1 asphalt8airbourne-2

asphalt8airbourne-3 asphalt8airbourne-4

asphalt8airbourne-5 asphalt8airbourne-6

With regards to controls, steering is done by twisting the iPhone, as you expect. Perhaps I’m just too old, but I did find this not as responsive as a standard control pad. Acceleration is automatic, so you only have to worry about steering and boosting, which is done by touching the screen.

I had no issues with the game. I experienced the occasional judder for a split second, but nothing that would interrupt your racing – and this is probably hardware related.

It would be interesting how it runs on the iPhone 4 with its single-core processor and lower graphics chip. It would also be fun to see how an iPhone 5/5c handles it.


Any fans of racing games I highly recommend you give Asphalt 8 Airborne a look. Its free (with in game purchases available), excellent and highly addictive. For all those glued to the likes of Candy Crush Saga… grab this proper game and experience it.

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