More Low End Communities on Facebook

Low End Mac has had a presence on Facebook for quite a while, and we’ve been adding more Low End communities using Facebook groups for some time.

Low End Mac on Facebook

We don’t manage all of these groups as tightly as we do our Low End Mac group. In some cases, someone has asked for our blessing to start a group in another area that supports the low-end philosophy of getting the most for the least in the long run. Although I’m a member of each of these groups, I only post in a few.

Our Newest Communities

Low End Photography

Low End Photography: I’ve been into photography since about 1972, shot for yearbook, worked in camera shops, done the whole black and white darkroom thing, switched systems, gone digital, and mow shoot primarily with an iPhone. This group, which has over 40 members, is for anyone involved in photography on the low-end, whether that’s an old film camera, a digital point-and-shoot, or a 3-year-old DSLR.

Low End Bike

Low End Bike: When it comes to being green, it’s hard to beat the bicycle. A lot of us grew up riding our bikes everywhere – to the park, to school, to a friends house. And then we stopped at some point and forgot how much fun it could be. Whether you’re an urban commuter, a distance rider, or just like to ride for relaxation, we now have a group for you.

Mac Rejuvenators: This group is so new that we haven’t even developed a real graphic for it yet. Mac Rejuvenators is a group for those who repair, restore, refurbish, repurpose, revitalize, upgrade, update, and otherwise make older Macs better tools for their current or next owners.

Our Older Communities

Low End Mac: We cover all things Mac and iOS. Macs are our primary focus, regardless of age, but there’s a lot of support for those using iPhones and iPads as well. Over 1,650 members.

We also have a Low End Mac community page on Google Plus, but G+ doesn’t provide the same kind of user-to-user experience Facebook does – or maybe it’s because we have just 150 members.

Low End PC on Facebook

Graphic by Austin Leeds.

Low End PC: Although PCs outnumber Macs by at least ten-to-one, not as many seem passionate about getting the most out of older gear. We have a solid core group of 260 PC users supporting each other as they look at Linux distros, video cards, and the like, whether in desktops, laptops, or netbooks. Focus is split between Windows and Linux. With Windows XP no longer officially supported by Microsoft after 13 years, this group is more important than ever for getting value out of old PC hardware.

Low End PC has been a part of the Low End Mac website for years.

Low End Android on Facebook

Graphic by Lee Joonmin.

Low End Android: Got Droid? Use an Android tablet? Then this is the group for you. Still a relatively small community, if you want advice on choosing or updating your ‘droid, these people have the anwers. We’ll soon be launching a Low End Android section on Low End Mac.

Low End TV on Facebook

Graphic by Austin Leeds.

Low End TV: This group grew out of a few articles on Low End Mac about saving money with alternatives to cable and satellite television. Low End TV is also a subsection on Low End Mac.

Low End Gaming on Facebook

Graphic by Austin Leeds.

Low End Gaming is for fans of gaming on computers and consoles. We’ve grown past 60 members.

Low End Audio

Graphic by Austin Leeds.

Low End Audio: Everyone listens to music or radio. Whether you’re recording, listening, or converting your music collection, here’s a place to ask your questions. Low End Audio is also a subsection of Low End Mac.

Low End Cars on Facebook

Graphic by Austin Leeds.

Low End Cars: When you buy a vehicle, you’re not just buying a means of transportation – you’re making an investment, be it for right now or for the long haul. Low End Car’s goal is to help you maximize the return on your automotive investment, be it in miles, years, or memories.

If you have an idea for a new low-end community, let me know.

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