Pippin, Apple’s Gaming Console from 1994

Did you know that Apple once had a gaming console?

Apple Pippin logoApple designed the Pippin in the early 1990s and announced its multimedia player on December 13, 1994. However, Apple never sold the device under its own brand name, hoping to license it to several manufacturers. But only one bit.

AppleJack controllerPippin was based on a PowerPC 603 CPU, ran a stripped version of the Mac OS, and was completely CD-ROM based. There was no built-in operating system; it had to be loaded from CD and thus was included with every Pippin title. Apple even designed it own Applejack controller for Pippin.

Bandai Atmark

Pippin prototypeDespite Apple’s investment of time and technology, it didn’t fly, so we understand if you’ve never heard of it. Bandai was the only vendor to license Pippin technology and bring it to market – where it bombed.

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