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We’re going to give you a different take on tech news. No rumors. No press releases. No news based on a third-hand report. We’re going to give you real tech news with a low-end twist.

Just this week we’ve seen Apple release OS X 10.9.4 and iOS 7.1.2, a security bug in Android 4.3, and the relaunch of VAIO branded laptops after Sony sold off its VAIO division.

What You Won’t See in Our Tech News

Mac News TodayWe take news seriously. We’re not going to share the latest iPhone 6 rumors. We’re not going to tell you that SpamSieve had yet another update (although it did this week). We’re not going to link to opinion pieces full of wild speculation. And we’re not going to cover every piece of software out there – just the important ones.

We won’t simply regurgitate press releases. If something is significant enough, we will link to a press release and quote from a press release, but we will be sure to add our own thoughts on why this is significant news.

You probably won’t see a lot of tech news articles, because frankly much of what passes for news is linkbait fluff. We’re going to be very selective in covering Mac, iOS, PC, and Android news.

What You Will See in Our Tech News

Android News TodayYou won’t see news articles based on another article that’s based on yet another source. Instead, we’ll follow the bread crumbs until we find the original source – and we’ll clearly label our primary source(s) and include links. We’ll also provide links to the articles that brought us back there,

You will always find some personal analysis of the news story. Why is this important? Who will it impact? How does it change the market? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

If it’s an OS X or iOS update, we’ll be sure to include instructions for obtaining it, because there’s so much to remember already that you may not recall the steps to upgrade iOS. That’s just another part of being a helpful new source.

We’ll also try to be timely and report the news the same day when possible. And we’ll go back and provide updates, which gave a real black eye to some of the sites reporting 86% of Android devices had a security bug when in reality it was only a bit over 10%.

We will break news down into four general categories:

  1. Mac News Today will cover all things Mac and general Apple news.
  2. iNews Today will cover iPhones, iPads, iPods, Apple TV, and iOS.
  3. PC News Today will cover general PC news: hardware, operating systems, etc.
  4. Android News Today will cover the Android platform.

At this point we don’t anticipate going beyond these categories.

Why Do You Cover PCs and Android?

PC News TodayApple has done a marvelous job integrating its personal computer and mobile operating systems, and that’s only getting better as iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite approach. That said, neither of them is the dominant platform in their field.

About 90% of personal computers are Windows (and sometimes Linux) PCs, and the biggest portion of the smartphone market is held by a wide assortment of Android devices. There are PC users working with iPhones, and there are Mac users with Android phones. I even have a friend with an iMac, an Android phone, and a Windows RT tablet.

We’re not trying to change our primary focus from Macs, but we recognize that the world isn’t as one-branded as many Apple users would like it to be.

Going Forward

iNews TodayWe hope to build up a small staff of news hounds to collect and share the news. Until then, we’ll be doing what we can from Low End Mac headquarters.

I hope you’ll like our take on tech news.

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