Introduction to Clash of Clans, Part 2: Buildings and Resources

After going through the tutorial, you will have a Town Hall, a Builder’s Hut, a Gold Mine, an Elixir Collector, Gold Storage, Elixir Storage, Barracks, and a Camp. You will also have a 3-day shield that prevents other players from attacking your village, so there is no need to build walls or other defenses right away.

upgrading the town hall

Upgrading the town hall in a low level village.

Almost everything in Clash of Clans has a level, whether it’s your Town Hall, a Gold Mine, troops, walls, etc. The Builder’s Hut seems to be the one exception to this rule. To build a successful village, you need to increase the level of everything in a logical progression.

Town Hall

As you increase the level of your Town Hall, you gain the ability to put up more buildings and more kinds of buildings. At the start, your Town Hall can sustain 1,500 hit points of damage. At Level 1, you can have one gold mine, one elixir collector, one gold storage, and one elixir storage, along with one barracks and one camp. Your only defense is the cannon, and you can have two.

The only buildings you can upgrade with your Town Hall at level 1 are your gold mine and elixir collector, which can be raised to level 2, and your barracks can reach to level 3. The higher the level of mines, collectors, and barracks, the more they can produce.

Advancing your Town Hall to Level 2 costs 1,000 gold, takes 1 minute, and increases hit points to 1,600. This lets you add one gold mine and one elixir storage, as well as one barracks. Also new at Level 2 is one archer tower and 25 pieces of wall. As noted above, hold off on building walls until your third day, as your village is fully protected from attack for the first 72 hours. At Level 2 you can boost your gold mines and elixir collectors as high as Level 4, storage to Level 3, barracks to level 4, and camp to level 2.

Going to Level 3 costs 4,000 gold and requires 3 hours, raising hit points to 1,850. Here you can rebuild the decrepit old Clan Castle. You can add a third gold mine and elixir collector plus another gold storage and elixir storage. You may add a second camp for your troops, and you finally have the option of building a Laboratory. This is your chance to add a mortar near the center of your village, and you can also install two bombs. Mines, collectors, and storage can all reach level 6, barracks level 5, and camp level 3.

Level 4 costs 25,000 gold and takes 24 hours. You gain a fourth gold mine and elixir collector and your third barracks. You can also install a second archer tower, Air Defense, and Spring Traps. Mines, collectors, and storage can be upgraded as far as level 8, barracks to level 6, camp to 4, the laboratory to 2, and the clan castle to 2.

Level 5, which is an important threshold for unlocking several options, costs 150,000 gold and requires 2 days. You gain one more gold mine and elixir collector, a third army camp, and can build a Spell Factory. Defensively, you can add a third cannon, a third archer tower, two more bombs, a Wizard Tower, and two Air Bombs. Gold mines and elixir collectors can achieve level 10, storage level 9, barracks level 7, camp level 5, the laboratory level 3, and the castle level 3.

Level 6, which really is going beyond the introductory level, costs 750,000 gold and is a 4 day project. You can have 6 mines and collectors, along with a second mortar, 2 more spring traps, a second wizard tower, and a Giant Bomb.

For more on the Town Hall, see the Clash of Clans wiki.

Don’t Forget Barracks and Camps

The level of your Barracks determines which types of troops are available, and your Army Camp determines how many troops can be ready for battle.


As you increase the level of your Barracks, you gain one more kind of troop in this order: Goblins, Wall Breakers, Balloons, Wizards, Healers, Dragons, and P.E.K.K.A. We’ll only cover the first several in this introduction to Clash of Clans.

It costs 200 elixir to build a Level 1 Barracks, which can take 250 hit points of damage and requires just one minute for construction. You can have up to 20 units in the training queue at level 1.

Upgrading to Level 2 costs 1,000 elixir and takes 15 minutes, boosting the barracks to 290 hit points. The training queue increases to 25 units.

Level 3 costs 2,500 elixir and takes 2 hours, raising maximum damage to 330 hit points and bumping the training queue up to 30 units.

You need a Level 2 Town Hall to bring your barracks to Level 4, which costs 5,000 elixir and needs 4 hours for the upgrade. Hit points grows to 370, and the queue can hold 35 units, and goblins are your new troop.

Level 5 requires a Level 3 Town Hall, costs 10,000 elixir, and needs 10 hours for construction. Hit points increase to 410 and the unit queue to 40. Wall Breakers are added to the mix, an easily killed suicide bomber adept at blowing up walls – if it can reach them.

At Level 6, which requires a Level 4 Town Hall, cost 80,000 elixir and is a 16 hour project. Hit points increase to 450, the queue to 45, and you gain the Balloon as one of your troop options. Balloons are easily shot down by Archer Towers, so deploy them carefully.

Level 7 is getting beyond introductory level, and it costs 240,000 elixir. The upgrade takes an entire day, hit points rise to 490, and the training queue grows to 50 units. This is where you get access to the Wizard, which won’t be very helpful until it reaches higher levels.

For more on Barracks, see the Clash of Clans wiki.

Army Camps

After training in the barracks, your troops go to the Army Camp to await battle. Initially your camp has a capacity of 20 troops, and it can sustain 250 hit points of damage before the camp is destroyed. Level 1 army camps cost 250 elixir to build, and that takes 5 minutes.

A Level 2 camp has a capacity of 30 troops and requires a level 2 Town Hall. Build cost is 2,500 elixir, the upgrade takes 1 hour, and hit points increase to 270.

Level 3 requires a level 3 Town Hall and costs 10,000 elixir. Construction takes 3 hours, hit points increase to 290, and capacity grows to 35 troops.

With a level 4 Town Hall, you gain access to the Level 4 camp – at a cost of 100,000 elixir. The upgrade requires 8 hours, increasing hit points to 310 and capacity to 40 troops.

A Level 5 camp is on the upper boundary of this introduction, requiring a level 5 Town Hall and 250,000 elixir. This is a 1 day upgrade, raising capacity to 45 troops and hit points to 330.

For more on Army Camps, see the Clash of Clans wiki.

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