Introduction to Clash of Clans, Part 7: Clans and Wars

Joining a clan is one of the most important things you can do to achieve success in Clash of Clans. As a clan member, you can receive higher-level troops in your Clan Castle that will provide defense against enemy attacks and can also be used offensively when you are attacking goblins or other players.

Clans Are Not Just for Clan Wars

Even if you tend toward pacifism, the reality is that your village will be attacked over and over and over again by enemy armies. You can build up your defenses, put walls around your village, and plant traps, but you can’t send troops to defend against the enemy. You have to depend on the defenses you’ve built into your village – until you join a clan.

Small village with Clan Castle

This small village has a full Clan Castle.

Once you repair the Clan Castle, you can join a clan, and your clanmates can donate troops to populate your Clan Castle. That’s only 10 troops at first, but as you upgrade your castle, that number increases. If there are troops in your Clan Castle, they can help defend against enemy attacks on your village.

It works best if you’re in a clan with several higher level players who love to donate higher-level archers, wizards, minions, balloons, or whatever, and it’s especially nice that they can give you much higher level troops than you can create yourself. But even if your clanmates only have the same level of troops as you, at least they can populate your Clan Castle – something you can’t do yourself.

Simply put, there is no better reason for joining a clan than being able to use your Clan Castle to defend your village – and help with attacks on your enemies. That’s right, troops in the Clan Castle can also be deployed offensively when you’re attacking another village.

Choosing a Clan

I haven’t got any experience here. A coworker already had a clan set up when he got us hooked on Clash of Clans, and several of us at work became members of this clan. At first it was mostly about sharing higher level troops with newer players, but eventually we had more than 10 member villages and were able to participate in clan wars.

If you’re not joining a clan with people you already know, look for ones that match your desires. Do you mostly want to share troops and have little or no interest in clan wars? Do you want to run clan wars as much as possible? Is once a week or twice a month enough for you?

Also consider geography and language. If your clan is in Germany and you’re in Hawaii, there are scheduling and language issues you may need to take into account.

Roster of a small clan

For our clan, it was nice that most of us worked on the same production team and could discuss the game, determine overall strategies, help plan battles, and cheer each other on during weekly battles. For the few members of our clan who didn’t work on the same production team, communication was more difficult.

Since first writing the above, our clan has changed significantly. Two members left to form a new clan, and another followed them. Another joined his son’s clan. Yet another found a clan that goes to war constantly. On top of that, we dropped two clan members who never shared troops or participated in clan wars, reducing our membership to six.

Going to War

Clans wars are like battles on a much larger scale. Your leader or co-leaders are in charge of clan wars. They set rules as to who can join your clan, determine which clan members will participate in each war, and determine when each war will begin. Your clan must have at least 10 members before it can join a Clan War.

In our clan, we often left a few higher level villages out of the Clan War. These villages can still donate their high level troops to other players’ Clan Castles, although they cannot donate to a War Base. They can often provide high level dragons, wizards, and the like that lower-level players don’t have, and this can make a huge difference when attacking the enemy’s War Base.

Higher level players who are in the Clan War can also populate your War Base castle with higher level troops during Preparation Day. Once War Day begins, every aspect of your War Base is locked.

Supercell’s computers will match your clan with a clan of similar numbers, levels, and experience. This can take a few minutes or several hours; your leader should take this into account. Our clan tried to begin the matching process about 15-30 minutes before Monday’s lunch break in hopes the match would take place about 15 minutes into lunch.

The first 24 hours are Preparation Day, during which you tweak your village layout, make sure your War Base is up to date, and share troops to the War Base Clan Castles of other members of your clan. Be sure they take the time to go to the war map and request the kind of troops they want. At the end of Preparation Day, all war bases are locked. If anything was in the process of being upgraded, it remains at the level it was before the upgrade began.

Note that in a Clan War you are not attacking an enemy village. Your village is attacking their War Base, which will automatically be reset with traps, bombs, and Clan Castle troops after each battle. Your village can still be upgrading troops and spells and buildings, which you can use when attacking the enemy. The War Base is locked into its state for the whole of War Day.

Supercell’s computers rank each clan from highest level player to lowest, and they will recommend which enemy village you should attack. Each player can attack two different war bases, so you’ll want to allocate your resources carefully.

Some clans work from the top level down, sending their #1 player to attack your best player, while others work from the bottom up, matching their lowest rated village to yours. Others just let players choose who they want to attack. Feel free to try different strategies to see what works best for your clan.

Another issue is when to attack. We’ve seen some clans attack as soon as War Day begins, while others may wait hours before making their first attack. Likewise, some players like to wait until the final minutes of a Clan War to make their second attack. We learned the hard way that, although a battle lasts up to 3 minutes, you can begin an attack just seconds before the war is scheduled to end. Surprise!

Most of all, if your clan is going to war and you have not been selected as a non-participant, don’t leave your team high and dry by not fighting.

Winning a Clan War

Victory goes to the clan that achieves the most stars during War Day. Stars are awarded as in regular battles: one for demolishing the Town Hall, one for 50% destruction, and the third one for 100% destruction.

To get the most stars, you want to battle war bases you’re confident you can devastate. At the same time, you want to give lower level clan members the same opportunity. In our clan, we generally let the lower level players have the first go at the enemy. If they achieve 3 stars, wonderful. If not, there are higher level players who may try to earn more stars later on. There is no limit to the number players who can attack the same War Base, although each participant is limited to making two attacks.

It’s important to weigh the cost and benefits of attacking an enemy War Base when your clan has already scored two stars against it. If you can’t achieve 100% destruction, you will be better off scoring one or two stars against a War Base that hasn’t yet been attacked.

Because your village can also be attacked normally while you are involved in a Clan War, it’s a good idea to wait until just before you attack a War Base to have your Clan Castle filled with troops. Otherwise your village could come under attack and those troops be used up before your attack on the War Base begins.

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