Low End Mac Updates: Apple Archive Articles

We recently migrated several Apple Archive articles by Adam Robert Guha to WordPress. This often includes fixing broken links, adding images and new links, and sometimes historical comments.

Gmail and Hotmail Are Nice, but Isn’t It Time for Apple to Offer Free Webmail Again? from November 2006 raised the question, if Google and Microsoft can offer free email, why did Apple stop doing so? Apple had offered its free iTools service from January 2000 until it was replaced by $99/year .mac in July 2002. It wasn’t until October 2011 that Apple would again offer free email, this time as one of the free services included with iCloud.

Writely, Google’s Free Word Processor: What’s the Catch? was published in August 2006 to introduced Google’s new online word processing app. Writely joined Google’s existing spreadsheet product, and the two formed the core of Google Apps.

iMac Hello AgainThe Key to Apple’s Success: If You Make It Easy, They Will Come was published in February 2005. It looks at the original iMac as one example of how Apple took the idea of a desktop computer with all its wires and beige components and turned it into a head-turner.

Macs, the Virus Scare, and Safe Computing from April 2004 looks at an early OS X virus scare, explaining that it was only some proof of concept code, not a virus out in the wild.

For more of Guha’s articles, see the Apple Archive index of ones that have been ported to WordPress and the original Apple Archive index that links to all of his articles.