Low End Mac Updates: The Rumor Mill Articles

We’ve been posting The Rumor Mill articles by Anne Onymus since late 1999, and we’ve taken the time to port some more of them over to WordPress, often adding images and new links while also updating broken links.

The Rumor Mill

iPhone 3D: Stereo Photography and 3D Movies for the Rest of Us from May 2012 looked at the popularity of 3D movie, linked it to the stereo photography trend of the 1950s, and looked at what Apple could do to bring 3D photos and video to the iPhone.

Remember the Cash for Clunkers program that took cars in trade if they met certain requirements? Well, Anne ran with that idea and wrote Microsoft Announces Cash for Clunker PCs in July 2009. The concept had at least as many requirements as the government’s car program.

California: Beyond ‘No Light Bulbs for You’ was Anne’s February 2007 response to proposed legislation to ban traditional incandescent light bulbs in favor of compact flourescent lights (CFLs), which were quite costly back then. In 2015, incandescent bulbs have been largely replaced by CFLs and LED lighting.

Believe it or not, for a while online gaming was creating so much virtual wealth that the government was looking for ways to tax it. Our intrepid columnist wrote IRS to Tax Second Life, WoW, Monopoly: How to Fight Back with tips on how to stand up to that kind of nonsense.

Mac OS X 10.4 TiggerA favorite was Apple to Trump Microsoft Windows with 8 Versions of OS X! from September 2005. If you’re not a Windows user, you may not realize how many versions of each generation of Windows exist. At the time, Microsoft had announced 6 versions of Vista for the US market. Well, Apple could certainly beat that!

With Apple Watch due out this year, we looked back to September 2000, when The Rumor Mill suggested Apple had an iWatch up its sleeve.

For more of Anne’s off-the-wall rumor mongering, see The Rumor Mill index of articles migrated to WordPress and the original The Rumor Mill index of all Anne’s ideas.