Siri & Pebble: A Perfect Combo

Grab an iPhone, a Pebble, and some earphones, and you have a fantastic handsfree setup.


My iPhone is my companion – it never leaves my side – and now I have a watch to keep it company. Using the two together creates a superb setup.

Most of the time I walk around with my EarPods in. I am not always listening to music, but having small children or doing shopping, it makes it easier to answer calls on the go without having to juggle with a phone.


A simple click of the controls and I am able to walk and talk, easily answering calls. However, your EarPods can also access Siri by simply holding down the centre button on your bud. You can use Siri to post to Facebook, Twitter, make a call, and even write a text message/iMessage without picking up your phone simply by speaking out your message.

However, the problem comes when you receive a reply to a social media post, message, or even a phone call. You can’t read the messages or see who is calling.


This is where the Pebble comes to the rescue. It acts as a second screen, a notification device.

Phone calls come up with caller ID with the option to call or decline – as well as giving you call duration.

Messages show up directly on the watch, Twitter notifications too. Facebook is a little different, as it just shows up as ‘so-and-so commented on your post’ – but it does the same on your phone too.

All this can be done without reaching in to your pocket.

This might sound a bit geeky, but there are times when I don’t feel comfortable walking around with my phone in my hand for everyone to see. So being able to use your phone out of sight is quite handy.

siripebble-1 siripebble-2

In the Wild

I had a busy morning today, and I put this into practice. I took the kids to school, made a few phone calls, and sent a lot of text messages. I also had incoming calls and replies to the messages I sent. I did all this without taking my phone out of my pocket.

Sent from Siri. Read on Pebble.

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