Abandoned by Google Chrome? Low End Mac Won’t Do That to You

After months of warnings every time I launched Google Chrome on my 2007 Mac mini running OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Google has finally abandoned that platform. And OS X 10.7 Lion. And OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. (Not to mention Windows XP, which isn’t a Mac OS but definitely has a lot of users to this day.)

This isn’t going to make our old Macs any less useful. We’ve survived being left behind by Apple’s Safari browser, iTunes, and a host of other apps over the years. But this does mean we won’t be able to run the most current, most secure version of the Chrome browser on these Macs.

Many of us are using OS X Snow Leopard because it’s the last version our hardware supports or because we still have legacy PowerPC software that we use. We can’t upgrade without buying a newer Mac and/or newer versions of software – if there is a newer version. (For AppleWorks, there is not.)

Since April 1997, Low End Mac has been supporting Mac users with older hardware. That was the PowerPC era, and we began by covering just the 68000, 68020, and 68030 Macs. I still supported them in my IT job with a local publishing house. Over time we added 68040 Macs, then PowerPC models. And by the time the Blue & White Power Mac G3 arrived in January 1999, we were covering new models – because sooner or later every Mac becomes low-end.

Very few of you are using 680×0 Macs daily or even occasionally, and a lot of you don’t even use PowerPC Macs often (if at all), but we’ve got lots of legacy content to help you get the most out of those Macs. And for those using early Intel Macs, we love OS X 10.6 and will continue to write about it as the most important legacy version of OS X for Intel machines.

Whether you can use Google Chrome 50 or not, there’s a place for you here at Low End Mac.

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