About The Rumor Mill

Okay, for those of you unsure about The Rumor Mill, here’s the lowdown: it’s a farce. There are no contacts at Apple Computer. There are no leaks from anyone reaching us. There is no Anne Onymus.

The Rumor Mill

It’s all made up. The Rumor Mill is intended to parody Mac rumor sites, although at times it may be hard to tell. (That’s why I posted this page.)

I really hoped I wouldn’t have to say that. I really hoped the bold-faced lies would be pretty obvious. I really wanted it to stand as thought-provoking parody.

But then it struck me, what if we guessed something right. Apple Legal would be on Low End Mac like hunny on Pooh! So here’s the page that says it’s just for fun.

As for the other rumor sites, they seem to take themselves a bit more seriously.

As for who Anne Onymus really is – that would be telling.

– Dan Knight, publisher, Low End Mac