We are embarking on a new project, bringing our LEM Swap group, an email list we launched over 15 years ago, into the Facebook era. We started with LEM Swap UK and have since added LEM Swap Canada and LEM Swap Australia so we can learn from a smaller group before launching other national or regional groups.


Who can join LEM Swap UK?

The group is open to Apple users in the United Kingdom, whether you use a Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple II, Newton, or some other Apple kit.

What can I buy, sell, or swap on LEM Swap UK?

You can list any Apple-branded item and any product that specifically supports Apple equipment, whether Apple-branded or not. This includes memory, hard drives, monitors, printers, cases, software, third-party mice and keyboards, etc.

What can I post to the group?

LEM Swap UK is a non-commercial user-to-user group. If you run a used Mac business, you may post one item or one system per month to the group. No more.

What can I not post to the group?

We respect copyright and do not allow the sale of pirated software or homemade copies of commercial software. This includes the Mac OS.

How often can I post to the group?

Please limit yourself to 4 postings within a 7-day period and 8 within a month. Commercial postings are limited to once per month with a minimum 28 days between postings.

Who manages LEM Swap UK?

LEM Swap UK is overseen by Low End Mac but is administered by a small group of trustworthy group admins. They have the authority to remove postings (especially spam) and ban people from the group for violating our rules. At present, Simon Royal and Carl Draper are group admins.

Is there any cost for selling via LEM Swap UK?

There is no cost for posting to the group. There is no cost for items you are giving away. We would appreciate a donation to Low End Mac of 1% of the selling price – or a fair market price in case of a swap. This is not mandatory and is not expected for individual low value transactions. We’ll have more guidelines as we figure things out.

We’ll post information on how to make donations once we have it figured out. This will most likely be via PayPal. A portion of this will be used to compensate the admins.

How should I list items in LEM Swap UK?

Please begin with one of the following shorthands:

  • FS – for sale
  • WTB – want to buy
  • FREE – items you are giving away for at most the cost of sending them
  • SWAP – if you ware looking to exchange one item for another.

How do we communicate with others in the group?

If you have a general question about the item listed, ask it within the group. If you are interested and don’t have the person who posted it as a Facebook friend, post interested or something similar to the group. Then the person who made the post can contact you using Facebook Messages.

Make sure you check for messages from people who aren’t your friends to facilitate communication. We don’t want price negotiations, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and the like posted to this public list.

What about eBay auctions?

This group is created as a UK-only alternative to eBay. If you do choose to list an eBay auction here, we expect you to donate 1% of the final price to Low End Mac in addition to whatever fees you pay eBay, PayPal, etc.

What other LEM Swap groups do you plan to create?

We expect to create groups for Canada and for Australia. We’ll also do one for the United States once we have all the bugs worked out.

If there is sufficient interest, we may later add Swap groups for PCs, Android devices, and perhaps other tech areas as well.

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