Low End Mac: Why We Do What We Do

While reading through The Nehemiah Effect, a book coauthored by a friend, I’ve spent some time musing over things like a vision statement, a mission statement, core values, attitudes, objectives, and goals. It’s really helped me look back over my life to see who I am while I defined these things for Low End Mac.

Our Vision

Sharing knowledge. Building understanding. Living frugally.

Information doesn’t want to be free, but knowledge wants to be acquired, appreciated, and shared. Sharing it with others helps them acquire useful knowledge (understanding), which they can then apply in their situation. And living within your means (frugality) is really the only thing that makes sense.

Our Mission

Helping others get the most out of their aging Macs and iOS devices.

We often use words like low-end or older, but aging is more appropriate – and broader. Every Mac, iPad, and iPhone is aging, so no more need to debate at exactly what point a Mac becomes low-end. We are creating similar mission statements for Low End PC and other subsites and Facebook communities.

Our Purpose

Helping others understand the value of their gear, how to improve it, and when to replace it.

Just as the mission grew out of the vision, the purpose grows out of the mission. There’s nothing theoretical about what we do at Low End Mac. We want to help you use your gear to the best of your and its ability, know when upgrades make sense, and to know when to move on to something newer. And then we want to help you make the right choice for your next Mac, iDevice, etc.

Our Core Values and Attitudes

  • Change is a given.
  • Old is not obsolete.
  • Discontinued is not worthless.
  • History helps us understand why things are the way they are.
  • Science helps us understand the limitations of a technology.
  • As much as we appreciate what is old, sometimes the best solution is to move to something new – or at least newer.

Our Goals and Objectives

We want Low End Mac to be the best first stop for anyone who wants to learn about aging Macs, Mac operating systems, iOS devices, and related technology.

Now that we’ve nailed things down (always subject to tweaking), we can move forward with even better focus.

Who I Am

On a personal note, all of the above makes a lot more sense to me since being diagnosed with Aspergers (now classified as a mild form of autism) last year. I have an insatiable appetite for learning, understanding, and helping others grow in knowledge of the things that interest me.

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