Low End Mac’s June 2016 Fund Raiser

Low End Mac is a community-based resource with a website containing thousands upon thousands of articles, lots of support communities in Google Groups, and a very active, very helpful Facebook group. Our goal is to help you get the most life and value from you aging Macs.

When Low End Mac debuted in April 1997, Apple was “beleaguered” and its future uncertain, so we wanted people to know that even if Apple disappeared, their Macs would remain useful. Apple is now the most valuable brand on the planet – and we still remind Mac and iOS users that most of their gear remains useful.

Funding Low End Mac

Thanks to readers like you, our new funding model is a success. In each of the past three months you have donated more than enough to meet our budget. After upgrading from our iPhone 4s devices earlier this year, our next goal is to pay off the balance due to our accountant. Once that’s done, we’ll tackle the far larger amount due the IRS.

Our monthly expenses include hosting, internet access, mobile phone service, insurance, a portion of household utilities, and paying off debt. When our budget allows, we upgrade some of our aging gear that remains in daily use.

How You Can Support Low End Mac

Our funding model is based on donations from the user community. Advertising no longer pays the bills, so if you’ve found Low End Mac to be a useful resource, please consider helping us out by clicking on the Donate button on the right. (Sorry, mobile users, but you won’t see it unless you switch from our mobile edition to the full edition. We’re working on that….)

PayPal donation screen

To set up an ongoing monthly donation, click the box marked Make This Recurring (Monthly).

Our funding goal for June is $800, and we’d love to add several more monthly supporters to the 16 we already have. Thank you for your support!

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