Memory Upgrades: Quadra 840av

The Quadra 840av has no system memory on its motherboard and has four 72-pin SIMM sockets for memory expansion to 128 MB.

The 840av ships with 8 MB of memory in the form of a single 8 MB SIMM. Each SIMM socket can be filled with a 4 MB, 8 MB, 16 MB, or 32 MB SIMM. (The 840av does not support 1 MB, 2 MB, or 64 MB SIMMs.) You can use different capacities in each socket. The 72-pin SIMMs must be 60ns or faster.

Apple warns against using composite SIMMs in the Quadra 840av.

Quadra 840av page from Apple Memory Guide.

Quadra 840av page from Apple Memory Guide.

VRAM, Where More Memory Means Less Speed

The 840av ships with 1 MB VRAM on the motherboard. You can upgrade this to 2 MB by installing four 256 KB VRAM SIMMs in the VRAM sockets.

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