One More Thing

Trevor Wale shares his thoughts and experiences of this Macintosh world that we all know and love.

He says, “I’m a university student from the UK, where I’m studying for a degree in multimedia, and the Mac is my weapon of choice – but to me its more then just a creative tool, its practically a way of life.

“Compared to most of the writers on Low End Mac, I’m a bit of a newbie to the Mac. I made the switch to ‘the light side’ due to the combined problems of needing to replace my ageing PC and my increased irritation at the perpetual cycle of maintenance inherent to Windows PCs.

“I turned to the Mac at first out of pure curiosity; they had always intrigued me, but I didn’t think I could ever use them for ‘real work’. Such was my ignorance at the time. I originally wanted to just buy a cheap old Mac on eBay and buy a new PC as my ‘proper’ computer. But after a little research and some soul searching, I opted for an iBook, and I’ve fallen in love with the Mac.

17" PowerBook G4“This was in February 2005, and since then my interest in Macs has grown and grown. I currently own a 17″ PowerBook G4, which is easily the best computer I’ve ever owned.

“Since my enlightenment, I’ve immersed myself in everything Apple and have become something a Mac geek/expert in the process. I preach to all and sundry about the virtues of the Mac platform, occasionally converting a few non-believers in the process.

“Being a Mac missionary in the UK can sometimes be a little lonely. One example is my degree group: I’m the only Mac user out of 20 students. If anything, this has made me prouder to be a member of this very special and important community.”

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